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We all get older yet none of us want our skin to show the signs of aging. With our cutting-edge Tixel2 device, Brighton Medical Aesthetics has the perfect tool to improve skin texture and tone, smooth wrinkles. Contact us now to enquire about the procedure that is guaranteed to erase years from your appearance.

What is Tixel2?

This device uses pure natural heat, relying on Thermo-Mechanical Ablation technology to rejuvenate your skin, improving your skin's overall texture. Tixel 2 handpieces come with sterile titanium tips, which can transfer heat into skin through a very brief contact. The device is safe to be used on sensitive areas such as the eyelids and the periorbital area, helping in reducing signs of ageing like crow's feet and sagging.

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How Painful is Thermo-mechanical ablation?

Of all the myriad of advantages Tixel2 has on all other skin treatments, the best one has to be that it’s completely without the pain or down time! Providing the effective, dramatic results of thermo-mechanical ablation without its prolonged healing period, this procedure truly combines the best of both worlds. Tixel2 restores skin to its fresh, healthy state, generally allowing patients to resume their normal routine almost immediately.

Thermo-mechanical ablation can be used on patients of most skin types. 

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