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Meet Dr Farag | Brighton Medical Aesthetics

Dr Nagd Farag is an experienced Cosmetic and Aesthetic Doctor.

She is highly skilled in a wide range of non surgical cosmetic skin treatments. Qualified as medical practitioner MBchB in 1984 and has been in medical practice in Australia since I994. Dr Nagd Farag started developing her cosmetic practice in Sydney in 2008. As she has extended family in Melbourne, a city she has really loved for many other reasons, she relocated to the most liveable city in 2013. She has established Brighton practice for medical aesthetics in Bay Street in 2014

  Dr Nagd Farag holds:

  • Diploma from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.
  • Fellowship of the Cosmetic Physician College of Australasia.
  • Fellowship of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine
  • Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.
  • Trainer role, Sapphire Academy for Merz Institute of Aesthetic Medicine.On the account of her her expertise, she has been asked to present, speck and train in
  • multiple workshops regarding Pelleve Radio Frequency surgical procedure for removal of unwanted lesions.
  • in national conference regarding the use of Erbium Laser (Juliet Feminine Laser) for the treatment of vaginal laxity, mild urinary stress in-continence and peri menopausal vaginal concerns.
  • in a local professional conference regarding the immunogenicity of the current neuro-modulatetors muscle and wrinkle relaxant injections and demonstrated the correct injection methods for different areas.
  • trainer in national conferences  (eg:  Non Surgical Symposium and  Australasian Society of Cosmetic Dermatologists ) within Merz training village regarding the semi permanent collagen stimulating injectables among group of national and international experts.
  • being a mentor to registrars program organised by the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine.

Nagd considers aesthetic Medicine to be an important branch of medicine where the individual wholistic physical and mental health is the focus and ultimate goal for the clinician. She believes it’s a domain for medically qualified and appropriately trained clinician, ongoing education and seeking continuous training is of utmost importance. Hence she has been proactive in participating in further trainings, educational activities and attending conferences in Australia and overseas.

Dr Farag has been frequently commended on achieving the most natural harmonious and aesthetically pleasing results that are very gratifying for both clinician and patient. She would always explain the importance of addressing each case in a wholistic manner using the best products, correct technique, just the right quantity, including the latest evidence based technology over a well timed plan. That is what she describes as a very personal and unique journey for each and everyone of her patients. For this reason she insists on performing all treatments personally.

On a personal level Nagd is very fond of Travel, Reading and Discussing History and Culture. She loves The Arts specially the Drama, film and TV mainly the intellectual and innovative work, Theatre Plays, Music and Painting but she is not a musician or painter herself.

Dr Farag



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