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Lip Concerns and Lip Enhancement


  • Thin deflated lacking body and projection
  • Surrounded by lines we call smokers lines even if you never smoked just because of loss of collagen and skin ageing around the lips. This can be frustrating for women when the lipstick bleeds into these lines and lips get more blurred
  • Facial muscles activity around the lips can lead to downturns mouth angles sad mouth
  • Also other muscles contribute to gummy smile which means excess gum appearing while smiling.


Detailed assessment is important to choose best options to provide for the most suitable and natural lip enhancement, this could be just Dermal Filler or just tiny injections to relax overactive muscle or muscles. Whatever we decide to do, it needs to be the right filler the appropriate amount of filler or other injections to produce beautiful natural results. 

Facial shape concerns

It seems that most women would prefer an oval shaped face with nice defined cheek
bones. So if you are concerned about any of the following

  • Square face with wide jaw
  • Long face narrow cheek bones

We have safe and none surgical solution. For example with few injections in the chewing muscles, slimming of the lower face is achievable. Also with adding the right dermal filler in the right area can enhance the cheekbones. Be aware that this is a medical procedure where assessment, sterility and follow up is needed. 

Loose sagging skin

Tired eyes and dark circles

Neck and décolletage thin and wrinkled skin

Post acne and post surgical scars

Aged Hands


Grinding/ Bruxism

Excessive sweating/ hyperhidrosis

Dry skin




Facial vessels

Unsightly benign skin lesions

We use Radio Frequency surgery to deal with unwanted skin lesions with minimal or no scarring. Instead of a scalpel, RF energy used with precision and minimal pain or downtime. Moreover minimal or no scarring.

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