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Based in Brighton, Brighton Medical Aesthetics is a cosmetic and skin care clinic delivering a comprehensive range of aesthetic treatments to both men and women!

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Non- surgical Skin Tightening Ultherapy

The non-surgical treatments offered at Brighton Medical Aesthetics are quick and efficient alternatives to our other anti-aging treatments

Our ultherapy treatments, for example, are the perfect solutions for individuals wishing to reduce the effects of ageing.

In a quick 60-90 minute procedure, we will focus ultrasound energy to lift and tighten loose skin by naturally stimulating the collagen found deep in the skin. 

This treatment requires no recovery time and will help gradually lift skin on the eyebrow, under the chin, on the neck and to lessen lines and wrinkles. 

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Surgical Skin treatments

Other Non- surgical Treatments

Surgical Skin treatments

For those wanting to delay or avoid surgery, Pellevé is yet another efficient non-surgical skin tightening treatment offered by Brighton Medical Aesthetics.

Using radio-frequency technology to gently warm skin deep beneath the surface, Pellevé treatments stimulate the natural production of new collagen.

This process focuses on dramatically reducing fine lines, crow's feet and wrinkles in general and will leave your skin feeling revived and refreshed.

The treatment is typically carried out in 4-5 sessions scheduled 4 weeks apart. Sessions last 45-60 minutes.

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